Andrea Anić Profound Apparel brand is intended for a self-conscious woman who follows fashion trends in her unique, avant-garde manner; a woman whose clothing is witness to her lifestyle, character and relationship to the imposed. They are heroines; strong, brave and rebellious, that can not go unnoticed anywhere.
Andrea Anić Dokmanović, founder and designer of the brand, was inspired by the history, especially the Scottish Tartan and the plaid pattern that once belonged only to men. But when Queen Victoria wished it in her wardrobe, plaid pattern spread to the whole world.
So today’s women recognize in this brand quality of the materials, the unique design and a part of their personality that, just like Andrea, plays with that historic, male, uniformed side of her designs, and with the frills, feminine side, achieving the balance of seductive rigidity and playful geometry .
Andrea Anić Profound Apparel brand of timeless, practical and multifunctional products made of quality, most commonly natural materials, are an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe that courageously articulates its wild nature and the need to always and everywhere be herself and different.


Modni atelje Andy’s
Obrt za dizajn i izradu odjeće
Vl. Andrea Anić Dokmanović
Adamićeva 34 A, 51000, Rijeka
OIB: 36864834138