You know that feeling of summer longing? I’m sure we’ve all experienced it, and not just once.
Just look at these photos and tell me that you don’t feel it. It’s like this outfit tells us a story about some very special summer. 

What do you think?

Well, I think that this maxi skirt with black top corset is perfect for summer and it look really elegant.
You can wear it at your wedding, your friends wedding, maybe some dinner, during hot summer nights with breeze or on so many other occasions.
Coco Chanel once said “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” ad that is so true.
Sometimes we just nedd to keep it simple, don’t we?

So, my dear fashion people, enjoy summer while it lasts and enjoy in every outfit you wear!
Photo: Zvonimir Ferina
Model: Iva Frankić
Make up: Iva Berišić

Posted by Andrea Anić